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Helping employees achieve a fruitful work-life balance

we were highly regarded as the company as a "Certified Parenting-Support Business."

We at Sony Engineering Corporation know that employees need a healthy work-life balance to unlock their full professional potential. Working tirelessly to build a supportive foundation for that fruitful balance, we do whatever we can to make sure that employees can lead fulfilling, enriching professional lives.

One of the ways we do that is through our parenting-support programs, which the Director of the Kanagawa Labor Bureau recognized in May 2012 by officially designating the company as a "Certified Parenting-Support Business."

Certified Parenting-Support Businesses: More information

Comprehensive work-life balance support website (Japanese language only) (Ryoritsu Shien no Hiroba)

Social action programs

As part of its commitment to social action, Sony Engineering Corporation provides support for Sony Education Foundation*1 Engineering Workshops and takes part in Sony Science Programs.*2

FY2016 Engineering Workshop

These workshops bring engineers together with elementary school students for informative, fascinating looks at the amazing world of engineering.
At the FY2016 "Summertime Electronics Workshop for Kids," which took place at the Owada Community Center in Chigasaki, 35 students from grades four through nine built their very own "gyro-tops" - motorized devices that just keep on spinning.

FY2015 Sony Science Program workshop

Through the Sony Science Program, Sony employees provide elementary school students and their families with eye-opening insight into scientific principles.
The site for the FY2015 program was the Sony ExploraScience Theater in Odaiba, where participants got to build working headphones out of plastic bottles and milk cartons - a hands-on exploration of how sound works.

FY2014 Engineering Workshop

For these workshops, engineers head to elementary schools to show students what makes engineering so captivating.
The FY2014 workshop brought together 38 students from three grade levels at Idogaya Elementary School (in Yokohama) for a fun-filled session of making "gyro-tops."

※1 The Sony Education Foundation (in Japanese)
The Sony Education Foundation provides educational support for educators and students at kindergartens, elementary schools, and middle schools to awaken inquiring and creative attitudes in children through the study of science.

※2 The Sony Science Program
Through the Sony Science Program, Sony engineers and staff members serve as "instructors" for three types of activities: "Workshops," which teach learners about scientific principles and technologies through demonstrations using Sony products and services; "Sony ExploraScience," a hands-on science hall that explores light, sound, and entertainment; and "Career Education," which gives children the opportunity to think about working with technology in ways that contribute to society. The Program also organizes science-oriented Contests, Demonstration Shows, and other activities around the world.

Environmental conservation programs

In keeping with the "Green Management" vision, the Sony Group's intermediate targets for environmental activities, Sony Engineering Corporation promotes environmental conversation efforts around its design activities to help contribute to a healthier product environment. Our business locations embrace an environment-conscious approach, as well, by taking measures to cut down on energy and resource consumption.

Environment-friendly design activities

  • Power-saving designs
  • High-assemblability/recyclability designs
  • Resource-saving designs
  • Simplified packaging made with recycled materials
  • Management of chemical substances in products