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Promoting the active participation of women

Sony Engineering Corporation promotes the active participation of women through a wide variety of different initiatives, including efforts to provide opportunities and environments for women to thrive in the workplace, support women's personal growth and career development, and help women make valuable networking connections. By implementing these various activities on a continuing basis, we strive to make our organization even more receptive to different work styles and grow as a company where women want to work.


Initiative (1) Implementing institutional reforms (FY2016; partial list)

A. Expanding the childcare support system

  • Eligible employees can now apply for reduced hours (6-hour days) to facilitate childcare until their children graduate from elementary school.
  • Eligible employees can now apply for overtime exemptions to facilitate childcare until their children start elementary school.

B. Offering flexible career leave

  • In cases where an employee moves overseas to accompany his or her spouse on a foreign job transfer or study-abroad program, the company now allows the employee to take a leave of absence from work in order to provide ongoing support for his or her career development.。

Initiative (2): Offering a workshop for female employees (FY2015)

The company held a workshop to help employees share information on building fulfilling careers in both a professional and a private dimension. Featuring case studies from different Sony Group companies, profiles of senior employee careers, and advice on balancing home life and work life, the gathering gave participants valuable insight into developing their careers into the future.

Initiative (3): Organizing a presentation session to help management promote the active participation of women (FY2016)

To help women flourish professionally, company management needs to play a cooperative, understanding role. This initiative, a selection of presentations by outside instructors, allowed participants to share ideas on day-to-day management strategies and gain a fuller awareness of the issues at hand.

Initiative (4): Holding a round-table discussion with working moms and ikumen (FY2014)

Working moms and dads need their partners' support to find the right balance between professional life and parenting. In hopes of making it easier for families in which one parent handles all the housework and childcare responsibilities, we invited employees and their partners - including those with jobs at other companies and organizations - to take part in a round-table discussion on future work styles.

Initiative (5): Ranking ikumen levels at a Group-wide technology exhibition (FY2016)

For a Group-wide event, a ranking of employees' ikumen levels, we had male employees fill out questionnaires about how they participate in housework and childcare. We had female employees fill out the same questionnaires about their partners, as well. The Sony Engineering Corporation's Personnel Planning Department then ranked the men according to their ikumen levels, encouraging employees to take a stronger interest in their home lives.

  • The company later posted the rankings on the intranet system

  • The Personnel Planning Department also presented participants with ikumen certificates