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Core competencies

President of Sony Engineering Corporation Toshinori Nakamura

Sony Engineering Corporation
Toshinori Nakamura

Message from the PresidentThe Ideal Factory of Professional Engineering

The Sony Group's mission is to constantly deliver innovative products and services to the world. As a Sony Group company that specializes in professional engineering, Sony Engineering develops and commercializes many Sony products and services. It is a gathering of engineers with high technical capabilities - an engineering platform that is indispensable for creating Sony's high-quality, refined products.

The significance of the art of Japanese manufacturing is being tested under today's global competition. We need to show the world what we are capable of - the high-caliber design capabilities distinctive to Japan for creating items unique to Japan.

Sony Engineering's aim is to become an ideal factory of professional engineering. As an assemblage of free-spirited professional engineers overflowing with youthful vigor and unrivaled design capabilities, Sony Engineering will compete on the global stage with the Sony Group as its arena.

Ideal factory is a term contained in Sony's Founding Prospectus under the company's purpose of incorporation.