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Our passion for technology

Development design across a wide range of product categories

Ever since its founding, Sony Engineering Corporation has handled development design for Sony electronics as the only Sony Group company that specializes in product design. From mobile gadgets, audio/visual home appliances, and other consumer products all the way to professional - grade offerings for the industrial market, the scope of our design work spans the entire lineup of Sony electronics. Given that extensive reach, our customers have a diverse mix of needs and usage environments. Different categories of customers naturally look for products with different features and performance levels - and that range can be enormous. To us, that variability is a major asset.

By engaging with products, development projects, and technological fields of all kinds, we not only hone our versatility in specific areas but also cultivate rich, thorough design expertise that applies to virtually any project imaginable. Sony Engineering Corporation is also committed to creating the best working environment possible, one where engineers can truly flourish and grow. We know what that investment can do: Giving our team the resources to enhance their skills and forge fulfilling careers boosts the company's presence, paving the way for ambitious endeavors.

Development design across a wide range of product categories

At Sony Engineering Corporation, we give shape to Sony products.

Designs of all kinds

Taking care of the entire product development process on an in-house basis, our engineering team starts out by finalizing detailed specifications and then pushes the project along to the mass-production launch. That process involves three critical design elements: electric/electronic circuit design, mechanical/exterior design, and embedded software design, which combine to determine product quality. Boasting a bevy of engineers with exceptional expertise in these core fields, Sony Engineering Corporation - the only Sony Group company that specializes in product design - epitomizes the ideal team of professional, manufacturing-oriented engineers. Engineers aspire to shape ideas and visions into products capable of sparking wonder and inspiration across the world. At Sony Engineering Corporation, we cover a design scope so broad and so diverse that those goals are always within reach.

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