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Technological fields

Sony Engineering Corporation concentrates on three core technological areas - electric/electronic circuit design, mechanical/exterior design, and embedded software design - that form the basis for product development.

Electric/electronic circuit design

Our efforts in electric/electronic circuit design cover a wide array of technologies and design activities. Playing crucial roles in the product-creation process, these activities cover everything from audio, video, CPU peripheral circuits, sensors, servo circuits, high-frequency circuits, power circuits, and other analog/digital technologies to high-density packaging design, heat-discharge design, and EMI/EMC design.

What we do

  • Product design
    • Design and develop analog/digital circuits
    • Design and develop system LSI
    • Design and develop high-frequency circuits
    • Develop wireless communication technologies
    • Develop audio/image-processing technologies
    • Design and analyze high-speed digital transmission circuits
    • Design and develop FPGAs
  • Prototype part/prototype product assessment
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Mechanical/exterior design

To create the mechanisms and exteriors that give real shape to design concepts, we tap into our skills in conceptualizing products with an eye to part configurations, heat flow, and other factors. That means designing pressed and molded parts, for example, and crafting optimal heat-release mechanisms.

What we do

  • Product design
    • Design and develop mechanical parts
    • Design and develop exterior parts
    • Conduct heat, strength, and flow simulations
  • Prototype part/prototype product assessment/validation
  • Production launches at part manufacturers and factories
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Embedded software design

In our embedded software design work, we take advantage of sophisticated technologies that enable us to deliver results across the entire process - from requirement analyses to implementation testing and system testing.

What we do

  • Digital appliance firmware development
    • Develop device drivers
    • Develop middleware
    • Develop application software
  • Computer application/software development
  • Next-generation software control research
  • Prototype product assessment/validation
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